At Camp Marysville you won’t find ‘old style’ camp food.  Our menus feature healthy food, cater to cultural diversity and produce minimal waste (via package recycling and composting).

We are quite accustomed to serving guests with many dietary considerations and needs. To facilitate this we will request a dietary summary for your group at least two weeks prior to your event. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us to discuss any food allergies or specific dietary concerns you may have.

“Grow It, Cook It, Love It”

Our kitchen garden, minimal wastage kitchen and menus are all designed to create real, sustainable change and of course delicious healthy meals, based on:

·         Providing good quality, seasonal, fair trade and locally farmed produce whenever possible,

·         Preparing food from scratch

·         Nourishing both the body and the soul by celebrating slow food

·         Minimising or deleting  packaging by using reusable crates, jugs and tubs

·         Reducing food kilometres wherever possible

·         Finding solutions for waste through composting and animal fodder

Our suppliers and our kitchen staff grow and prepare your food with care and respect, we hope that this is evident when you taste our delicious meals.We aim to educateempower and inspire students and groups by gardening, cooking, eating and completing the cycle together. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and skills with you and your students so they have the tools to make better food choices for themselves and their families.    

“Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share”

Our menu is always changing with the seasons, with our kitchen crews inspiration and with what we have available. There is no set menu, but the examples below will give you an idea of what we offer here at Camp Marysville:


  • Continental including vegemite, jams, poached fruit, bircher muesli, filled croissants
  • A hot, delicious breakfast with French toast, egg and bacon muffins or a full hot breakfast


  • Soup with crusty bread or toasted cheese, and/or one of the following:
  • Rolls – Build your own from a range of fillings
  • Sausage Sizzle or BBQ, sautéed onion, salad, breads and condiments
  • Homemade Sausage Rolls and salad
  • Baked Potatoes – Build your own from a range of various toppings

Morning and Afternoon Tea

  • Fruit
  • Cakes, slices, muffins, scones, biscuits


  • Chicken / Beef Stir Fry with vegetables and noodles
  • Roast Night (Slow cooked family style roast dinner with all the classics)
  • Home-made Lasagne’s & Mornays
  • Souvlaki and Salad
  • Pasta night – A duo of pastas with garlic bread and salad

All served communal to each table with seasonal salad or vegetables.


  • Homemade brownies
  • Pavlova with fresh cream and berries
  • Poached fruit with ice cream
  • Fruit crumbles
  • Sticky Date Pudding

Nut Policy

Camp Marysville maintains a policy of no obvious nut or nut derivative ingredients (e.g. Peanut oil, Almond meal) in any food items provided. We also request that guests do not bring any food items which may contain nuts or nut derived ingredients to camp.