Camp Planning Pack

To help with your camp planning and paperwork we’ve put together some information to try and make the process as smooth as possible.

On this page you will find:

What Information we need from you

To help us prepare for your arrival there are various pieces of information we need to help us deliver a smooth and effective camp. All forms for download are in PDF format and can be completed on screen or printed out to be completed by hand.

What we needWhen we need itDownload
Deposit Payment
We’ll be shortly sending you a deposit invoice for 20% of the booking total to secure your booking
As soon as possible
Pre-Program Questionnaire
This tells us what you’re looking to get out of your camp and helps us design an outline that fits those needs – it’ll take 5 minutes to complete
As soon as possiblePre-Program Questionnaire
School Staff Profile Form
Our Group Leaders like to know who they’ll be working with whilst at camp and how we can work together to deliver the ultimate program
1 month out
School Staff Profile Form
Cabin / Lodge Allocation Form
This is the list of where you'll be allocating students and teachers in our cabins & lodges.
At latest 2 weeks before you arrive at campThis will be supplied to you 1 month prior to arrival at Camp
Duty Group Roster
We like to involve students in the pre and post meal setup and clean down in the dining hall. The roster is used to allocate duty groups to each meal time.
At latest 2 weeks before you arrive at campDuty Group Roster Form
Activity Group List Medical Summary
We need one of these completed for each activity group with a summary of any medical history and dietary requirements so each group leader is aware of any medical needs in the group.
At latest 2 weeks before you arrive at campActivity Group List Medical Summary
Medical Forms
We require a completed medical form for every camp participant - students and teachers. Please read the section below on medical forms for more information..
At latest 2 weeks before you arrive at campStudent Medical Form
Adult Medical Form

Medical Forms

Camp Marysville aims to be proactive in managing risks associated with participation in an Outdoor Education program. Complete and current information surrounding participant’s medical conditions and history including medical and dietary requirements is vital to providing the best possible management strategies.

As some activities occur in areas that do not offer immediate professional medical care, along with the physical nature of the activities our participants will engage in, Camp Marysville staff must be aware of any pre-existing conditions that may arise while on a program.

For every student and adult we require a completed and signed Medical Form. If participants have a medical history of one of the conditions listed below then further form(s) need to be completed to provide additional information to us:

Medical HistoryAdditional Form RequiredDownload
AsthmaAsthma Management Form - If participants respond 'Yes' to any of the key questions on this form then a Fitness to Participate Form is also required.Asthma Management Form
AllergiesAllergic Reaction Management Form - If participants respond 'Yes' to any of the key questions on this form then a Fitness to Participate Form is also required.Allergic Reaction Management Form
DiabetesFitness to Participate FormFitness to Participate Form
EpilepsyFitness to Participate FormFitness to Participate Form

IMPORTANT – Once you have all of the forms returned to you then we require them to be collated into activity groups and sent to us together with an Activity Group List Medical Summary sheet for each group.

 First Aid Information

All Camp Marysville activity staff are trained in First Aid and can assist in the event of accident or illness during programmed activities. All carry a mobile First Aid Kit. Students and teaching staff should seek assistance from an activity staff member for administration of basic first aid if required.

Outside of programmed activities Duty of Care for students is the responsibility of attending school staff. It is recommended that an appropriate school First Aid Kit is brought to camp and that at least one vehicle is available if required to take students to the nearest medical / hospital facility in the event of a minor incident. Camp Marysville’s nearest facilities are:

Any medication indicated on the medical information form must be brought to the program and should be managed by school staff.

 General Information:

Packing List

You can download a useful packing list covering all the programs we offer for distribution to parents here – Packing List Download

What happens on arrival?

Whilst each group is different, upon arrival at Camp Marysville the process is generally as follows:

Teacher Lodges

Camp Map

View a helpful map of the layout of the Camp Marysville Site – Camp Map Download


If there is anything we haven’t answered above then please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help (it will also allow us to further develop this web page with more information!

The Team at Camp Marysville